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Himalayan Mutt Project co-founder, Debby Ng, spent Sunday morning with Keith de Souza at Singapore’s MediaCorp 938LIVE Studios, to help drum up support for our second crowd funding campaign that aims to raise funds for our 2015 effort!

We shared with listeners why the welfare of dogs and humans in Nepal’s Himalaya community are threatened by dog over population, and how they are simple and effective strategies we are undertaking to help make life a little better in Nepal’s mountains.

Keith, a dog lover and owner himself, asked about rabies and how it threatens communities. Singapore is one of a few rabies-free countries in the world and it was good to have been able to educate listeners about the disease, why it is dangerous, and how we are so privileged to interact with our dogs, without fear of getting ill. Hopefully, this same peace of mind is something we can create for Himalayan communities as well.

We also spoke about the challenges of working the Himalayan landscape where villages are scattered across a vast expanse. The Himalayan Mutt Project is in a unique position to facilitate such veterinary field camps because of our extensive network and connections with communities in Nepal Himalaya. This field knowledge and community access is one of the many challenges that keeps other animal protection organisations from reaching into the high Himalaya, and we are so thrilled to have been able to share this incredible achievement with Keith and his listeners!