Sharing The Wonders Of The Himalaya


Nanyang Girls’ High School invited the Himalayan Mutt Project to speak at its Earth Week event. In 30 minutes, we introduced Nepal’s mystical Himalayan landscape, its wonderful wildlife, and the unique trades and lives of Nepal’s Himalayan settlers.

Students ooh-ed and ahh-ed at photographs of pikas and foxes, and raised and their eyebrows at bizarre animals like musk deer and blue sheep. Then all fell silent when we shared images of the rare and ghostly snow leopard, a creature few in the world ever get to see.

Through learning about Himalayan wildlife, and how communities depend on the fragile landscape to scrape a living, the audience grew to understand how an unmanaged dog population can have an irreversible impact on native wildlife, and how we can play a small yet effective role in safeguarding this natural wonder of the world.

We’d like to thank Nanyang Girls’ High School for the opportunity to share and participate in this historic effort!

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