We help isolated communities in the Himalaya improve public and environmental health.


We create access, through our partner non-profits, to basic veterinary care and provide free neutering procedures and vaccination opportunities for dogs.


We educate communities about animal birth control and how it is an effective and humane alternative to poisoning.

Himalayan Mutt Project

The Himalayan Mutt Project is an NGO based in Singapore that helps rural Himalayan communities manage and control community dog populations for the welfare of the community and the natural environment. We partner with successful and established NGOs based in Nepal to deliver existing veterinary services to the places that need them most.

The Himalayan Mutt Project wants to create access to neutering services and anti-rabies vaccinations in the rugged high Himalaya, where communities live alongside rare and endangered Himalayan wildlife, and where healthcare services are limited or non-existent. Rather than respond to a rabies outbreak, we want to prevent it.

We exist because despite close to a decade of annual dog culls by village communities, community dog populations are rising, and along with it grows the risk of a rabies outbreak amongst both humans and wild animals.

We help rural communities to play an active role in managing the population of community dogs in their village through educating the importance of humane animal birth control (ABC) and anti-rabies vaccination (AR) programs as a long term strategy toward eradicating a rabies threat that could irreversibly impact human health, local livelihoods, and the natural environment.

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