We are looking for driven and committed volunteers to help us grow.

Positions include:


Web & Media Team — Tech-savvy (qualified or self-taught) volunteers to be part of the web and media team. Tasks include: working across website and database design, revamp and updates.

Fundraisers — Motivated and creative individuals who can help us connect with the people and organisations that need to hear about what we do.

Graphic Designers — Original and inspired artists to help us develop material that clearly communicates who we are and what we need.


Field volunteers — We work throughout the year to plan for a camp that lasts just 14 days. Help is needed during the preparation or operation phases. Your involvement depends on your availability and our need. Tell us your schedule and where you are based, along with some background about yourself.

Volunteer veterinarians and veterinary technicians — We want vets and vet techs who are adaptable and open to learning, as well as eager to share their experience and expertise. If you love the great outdoors and the privilege of working in the theatre of the Himalayas, let us know your availability and why you want to be a part of our team.

Himalayan Mutt Project is a non-profit organisation in Singapore that aims to improve human, environmental, and animal welfare through creating effective and long term alternatives to control community dog populations, and provide access to anti-rabies vaccinations in Nepal’s high Himalaya.

If this interests you please drop us a line.

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